Silvia Rosani

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Toy museum (Museu do Brinquedo) in Seia (Portugal) 

Dias de la Musica Electroacustica (DME) 28/12/2019

Sound installation at Goldsmiths Graduate Festival 2013 (London)

Site-specific sound installation during Die Lange Nacht der Museen in Stuttgart (March 2014).

Kai's machine

A collaboration with architect Kai Franz gave birth to the idea of a sound trip inside one of his machines. The listener is enabled to hear the sand dropping on the horizontal carriage of the machine or the noise of the wheels on which it glides, as if the ear was actually leant against that surface. For the recording a contact microphone was used so that for a while one is immersed in a narrow space like a box until, towards the end, the sound emerges to the perception of a normal space.

Studio 21

Steps around the Akademie Schloss Solitude and its surroundings describe the spaces of the studios, stairs, long corridors, exhibition halls and the path towards the heart of the forest through a surreal combination of physically impossible paths.