Silvia Rosani

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Residency at AdK Berlin 2-15/05/22 for the production of La Fabrica e 'l fondamento.

Performed by TRIO Radial at Alte Seilerei (Frankfurt am Main) on 17.06.22.

Recording coming soon. Proto credit: AdK Berlin

Premiere of Be_en, for chalumeau alto

Chalumeau: Shelly Ezra

Alte Seilerei (Frankfurt am Main) - 17.06.22.

Recording coming soon.

Proto credit: AdK Berlin

Duo Esther Saladin/Silvia Rosani, improvisation with cello, voice, live electronics and fan at the GAS Festival (Gothenburg, Sweden) - 18.10.22.

06.11.2021 Performance with Intermezzo 4 -- audio-feedback and motors -- and Ensemble NAMES (Salzburg, Austria). Live electronics: Silvia Rosani

Ni anverso ni reverso, for violin, emotion detection and four fans. 

18/12/2021 MIHL Sons XXI Ciclo de Música Contemporánea de Lugo (Lugo, Spain)

Violin: Roberto Alonso Trillo (Vertixe Sonora)

Emotion detection/wifi fans: Silvia Rosani

ECLAT 2022 - Electrical Jungle, voice and app-controlled household appliances.
Introductive performance and talk about the new project Kinge Tóth and Silvia Rosani will develop within the Hannsmann-Poethen-Literaturpreis (Stuttgart, Germany). Whole event available here until 31.03.2022: 

AmotIon, interactive installation for emotion detection and audio feedback developed by Silvia Rosani during a EMAP/EMARE Residency at RIXC (Riga, Latvia). 

02/12/2021-12/02/2022 Wed-Sat 12:00-18:00 @RIXC

Try the app at and listen to what happens to the installation from the daily live streaming from Riga by clicking on the image on the left or visiting RIXC's youtube channel.

Live streaming of the exhibition opening at RIXC available by clicking on the image on the righthand side (around 1h38').

AmotIon, interactive installation with emotion detection and audio feedback (EMAP/EMARE, RIXC)

Excerpt #1 from the improvisation with cellist Nathan Watts (Tempus Konnex).

Werkleitz Festival 2021 move to … © Werkleitz, Foto Falk Wenzel (Halle, Germany). 

Intermezzo 4, installation for audio feedback and motors

Muzeum Susch 13.08.2021 

Con Moto Trasversale (2020), 

for trio, feedback and motors on metal panels. 

TRIO vis-à-vis. ECLAT 2021 (Stuttgart, Germany) 

Concert for Maria Kalesnikava.

Nomadismo mostruoso (2021), for natural horn and live electronics. 12.07.2021 Romanfabrik (Frankfurt a. M., Germany). Horn: Deepa Goonetilleke; Live electronics: Silvia Rosani. 

Goethe-Institut, Brückenstiftung.

Ricercare una melodia, for cello and live electronics (Jonathan Harvey). 

Cello: Esther Saladin; Live electronics: Silvia Rosani

12.07.2021 Romanfabrik (Frankfurt a.M., Germany).

Composing for Accordion 2020 - accordion: Miloš Milivojević (Manchester, United Kingdom)

hcmf 2019 - Some pictures from my performance at the hcmf // shorts and of audience members while they interact with my installation (Quennsmarket, Huddersfield). Visual concept and Live electronics: Silvia Rosani (feedback on metal panels and motors, 7 channels). Photo credit: Brian Slater. Intermezzo 4 among the festival's highlights!

Stockwerk (Graz, Nov 2019). Book Launch of Maislieder by sound poet Kinga Tóth. Live electronics and metal panels: Silvia Rosani. Photo credit: Peter Purgar.

White Mask, for cello and live electronics. Atelierfrankfurt (Franksfurt am Main, Germany) July 2019. Cello: Esther Saladin. Photo credit: Chris Kister.

Intermezzo 4, for feedback on metal panels.
Dias de la Musica electroacustica 2018 
(Seia, Portugal).

White Mask, for cello and live electronics. Performed by Esther Saladin at the electroacoustic music festival Dias de la Musica Electroacustica (DME) in Seia, Portugal.

The Day I woke, I woke on Churchyard Hill, but I wasn't myself for voice and live electronics, performed by Molly Boggess at Grains of Sound festival 2018 (San Francisco Conservatoire, USA)

e poi niente

for trumpet, written for and performed by Christopher Collings (2018).

Frauenstimmen (excerpt)

for piano and live electronics , premiered by pianist Xenia Pestova at Music Current Festival (Dublin, Ireland). Smoke Alley Theatre.

Intermezzo 1, premiered by Silvia Rosani at Goldsmiths, University of London (2016). See the project White Masks.

for piano and live electronics, performed by Anna D'Errico and Silvia Rosani at Rialto Theater (Limassol, Cyprus) - SMC 2018.

White Mask, premiered by Esther Saladin at Goldsmiths, University of London (2016). See the project White Masks.

The Day I Woke, I Woke on Churchyard Hill, but I wasn't myself

for voice and live electronics, written for and performed by Giulia Zaniboni (2018).

Li Rin - Premiere 30/06/2016
(Der Sommer in Stuttgart 2016)

Duo ILLEGAL - Marija Skender and Alessia Park

No doubt they can feel pain, for ensemble and audience. Premiered by the United Instruments of Lucilin (2016).

T-O for five voices - Premiere 09/02/2014
(ECLAT Festival 2014) 
Neue Vocalsolisten

Die Elbe - 05/12/2014
UKI Stuttgart
TRIO vis-à-vis 

T-O for five voices (2 sopranos, 1 mezzo-soprano, 1 tenor, 1 bass), performed at MATA Festival 2014 by the Neue Vocalsolisten. 

Controller - Kinga Tòth (voice) and Silvia Rosani (live electronics) - UKI Stuttgart 2014 (general rehearsal). Recording from Stockwerk Maislieder book launch (Graz, 2019).

Versteinerte Flüge, a chamber opera 
(Taschenopernfestival 2011 - ARGEkultur Theatre)
ÖENM, conducted by Juan Garcia Rodriguez.

La Nube e Issione, for four voices. Performed by the Vocal Arts Stuttgart at Biennale Salzburg 2009 (first prize of the composition competition Vocal Arts).

L'età Celeste for flute, clarinet, piano, violin and cello. Ensemble Platypus. 2.6.2012 (Vienna, Austria)
Omertà I for voice and live electronicsWiebke Wighardt (voice) and Silvia Rosani (live electronics). 2010. (Salzburg, Austria)