Silvia Rosani

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          White Masks                                    Ai Limiti delle Soglie I  and II          Augmented vibraphone

Cycle for cello, live electronics and resonating masks, followed by an interactive installation. The project revolves around the theme of loss, transition and the other.

The project was born as a collaboration between Silvia Rosani and Esther Saladin, but has later involved visual artist Inês Rebelo. The project has received the Francis Chagrin Award for the purchase of part of the equipment it requires. The Institute of Musical Research (IMR) has awarded a Public Engagement Grant to support the premiere of the project. The premiere of the project has also been supported by the Contemporary Music Research Unit (CMRU), the Sound Practice Research Unit (SPR) and the Electronics Music Studio (EMS) of Goldsmiths, and its premiere was enriched by the collaboration of poet-artist Lawrence Upton and sound artist John Levack Drever.

The project has just been granted the support of the Goldsmiths Annual Fund (2017).

4-5 July 2019 Atelierfrankfurt (Frankfurt, Germany)

27-28 December 2018 Dias de la Musica Electroacutstica (DME - Seia, Portugal)

8-9 July 2017 Activating Inclusive Sound Spaces (AISS) - Phipps Hall (Huddersfield). White Masks, a cycle for cello, live electronics and resonating masks. Music by Silvia Rosani, Ori Talmon and Rebecca Saunders. Cello: Esther Saladin, Live electronics and masks: Silvia Rosani, Visual artist: Inês Rebelo.

15/06/2017 - Deptford Lounge - 12-8pm Interactive audio-visual installation.

16/06/2017 - Deptford Lounge. Performances at 3.30pm and at 7pm. A cycle for cello, live electronics and resonating masks immersed in a visual installation.

21st November 2016 - Great Hall, Goldsmiths, University of London. Audio-visual installation and masterclass

24th November 2016 - Great Hall, Goldsmiths, University of London. A cycle for cello, live electronics and resonating masks immersed in a visual installation.

Music by Silvia Rosani, Rebecca Saunders and Ori Talmon

Cello: Esther Saladin

Live electronics and masks: Silvia Rosani

Visual artist: Inês Rebelo

Websites of the artists:

Some pictures of Esther and myself while working at the first stages of the project in the Electronic Music Studio (EMS) at Goldsmiths, University of London. Some pictures of the Great Hall during the installation and the premiere of White Masks. Top left image by Liz Dobson, Silvia during the performance of White Masks at Assistive Inclusive Sound Spaces (AISS), Huddersfield University 08/07/2017.

Ai limiti delle soglie II: con moto trasversale (2019/20),  for voice, flute, cello and hybrid electroacoustic instruments.


May 2020

Südseite Nachts (Stuttgart, Germany)

Trio Vis-à-vis

Live electronics: Silvia Rosani

Ai limiti delle soglie I: als ich ein Kind war (2017), a work in progress for voice, electronics and audience participation.


May 2020

Südseite Nachts (Stuttgart, Germany)

Voice: Natasha Lopez

Electronics: Silvia Rosani


Kunstraum (Stuttgart, Germany)

Voice: Natasha Lopez

Electronics: Silvia Rosani

Canadian percussionist Tom Jacques and composer/engineer Silvia Rosani collaborate to create an augmented vibraphone. They have been in residence at the Centre for Human-Computer Interaction in Salzburg thanks to SubnetAIR.

Photo credit: Tom Jacques

Performances with the system developed by Silvia Rosani and Tom Jacques:

03/10/2019 Bascaille Trio

Centre d'Expérimentation Musicale Chicoutimi, Quebec)

24/05/2019 Bascaille Trio

 Conservatoire de musique de Rimouski (Rimouski, Quebec).